Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Balance

Human relationships are fragile little things. Attrociously difficult to maintain, yet we all need adequate amounts of it in our lives. Top of the pile in the balance of relationships, is trust. The breaking of trust, which is at the bottom of the pile, is called betrayal. More often than not, building trust with someone else, results in betrayal to another. Provided the interelation of course.

Take my parents for instance. I do not envy being in their position. The reason being, that to build trust with one of their children, would result in betrayal to another. And if you even attempt at seperately building trust, spending too much time with one child will kill your chances with the other.

Face it, in conflicts, you have to take sides, even if you are deemed to be neutral. In a parenting crisis, taking sides results in a victor, and the vanquished. In the court of law, though the judge is deemed to be neutral, he or she is taking the side of the law, and more often than not, passes judgement based on social norms/personal prejudice/maybe the law, everytime all three, rarely only the last reason.

Trust and betrayal go hand in hand like day and night. One cannot achieve its desired effect, without the opposite being there, in equal or more amounts, contrary to Newton's now flawed third law. We must admit, that there'd be no worse feeling in this world, than the feeling of being betrayed. That all the trust you have put in someone, amounted to nothing in the end. That failure be the only result of all your hopes.

I find it fitting though, that betrayal always has a way of biting you in the ass. That one day, you'd have to depend on that person you once betrayed for help. That that person, depending on the individual, might, or might not be there to pull you out. As for me, I may be acting as though nothing has happened, but trust me, I do not forget.

Friday, January 06, 2006

My Sister the...

We have become quite accustomed to her being nocturnal. For a person who lives under the same roof, the only proof of her existance lies not in seeing her, but in hearing the sounds she makes. No one knows what she looks like anymore, and sure as hell, no one knows what the hell she's been up to.

That is, until today. All it took was a rainy day, a curious father, and a son thrown into the mixture. Here's how everything went.

(It was raining heavily, thunder blasting in the background)

Father: Where are you going? It's raining.
Daughter: I'm going to work.
Father: Where?
Daughter: Bukit Bintang.

(Son is pretending not to care, as he contemplates how to show he doesn't care, while in hearing distance of the juicy conversation)

Father: Are you working in a Bar? Pub?
Daughter: *Shirks*.

It all makes sense now. She goes off at 830 pm, returns by 400 am according to my father. That's bar/karaoke/pub time people. Fuck, now I've got some serious thinking to do. IF my sister is a GRO/waitress/whatever, in one of those dodgy clubs/bars/pubs/ktv lounges in Bukit Bintang, she is, theoretically, a spy. Why, because I might frequent ANY of those places. If I drink, she knows. If I'm "naughty", she definitely knows. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

The last thing I would wanna do is find myself drunk in a place, snogging my own sister! How fucking gross can that be. Oh, but think of the advantages. IF she is truly a GRO, that would mean that she would be in the company of other GRO's. Pretty pretty horny fun GRO's from all over the world (PRC mostly I think). Plus, she might have some dirt on some horny old Datuk. Or, she could rise up the GRO ladder and become a mamasan. Hmm. Maybe it's time to be nice to her again.