Sunday, February 19, 2006

State of The Life Address

Nothing has changed much in this weary life of mine.

On to other matters. Firstly, the caricatures on the Prophet. I've seen them. To anyone wishing to see them, but is far too lazy to scour the net for them, send a personal note to me, and I might consider emailing it to you. Hope I do not get caught. As I understand it, our bigot of a government could want to put me in jail for "distribution of blasphemous material". Screw them. Every muslim, muslim wannabe or just about everyone else has a right to know what exactly is being debated about here.

My reactions to the entire debacle? Deplorable on both sides. Idiotic even. To intergalactical trans-planetary proportions. Really idiotic of a bunch of editors to be publishing cartoons (none of them funny as is being claimed) in the name of "freedome of speech". Double standard bastards. Try publishing funny cartoons of the holocaust, morons. Or how about cartoons of Moses hallucinating when receiving the 10 commandments? (How could he not be, for all you know, he was high on cocaine on that mountain *sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm* Don't burn my embassy for that statement.)

Moving on nicely then. Fucking useless bastards calling themselves muslims. This is why I now refuse to be associated with muslims. Narrow minded asses supposedly willing to die defending the Prophet's honour. Cowardly bastards couldn't even defend Palestine when the Israeli soldiers began occupation in 1965. Ran helter skelter leaving behind boots, ammunition and even their underwear behind. Way to go picking on some minimal security embassies to torch down. Thats right, send the right message across. I'm muslim, I'm a fucking violent terrorist, and I like burning embassies. Serve you right for dying in those protests. You're fucking going to hell for that. No where in any religion does it even mention that violence be tolerated if the intentions were right. Right intentions does not ever warrant an evil deed. That goes for both sides.

Think about it for a second before you flame me for making such comments. There is a reason why foreigners, who have no connection to Islam, have such thoughts and views of Islam in this world. There's a reason why they would dare draw a bomb on the Prophet's head. The religion itself has been tarnished by a select few, supposedly fighting in defence of the religion. That we have deeper underlying issues at stake here. In the world, and especially in Malaysia, Muslims, in the name of religious observence is fast disassociating themselves from the other religions and in Malaysia's case, other races due to that fucking stupid constitutional definition of what a Malay is in Malaysia. Everywhere you go, preachers are preaching about creating an identity for muslims. About not embracing western cultures and influence. About staying true to the religion.

But all this contradicts itself in 2 full sentences. In creating an "image" of a muslim, we are, at a rather disturbing rate, blindly adopting ancient arab culture. Wearing of the robe, covering of the head, Bahasa Malaysia adapted to arabic tunes. That we are shunning one foreign influence for another is not exactly being truthful to oneself is it? Isn't it intriguing that if not for the religion sprouting in the Arabian peninsula, we would not be following arabian influence? Wouldn't it be even more intriguing if lets say, Islam sprouted in Europe instead. Would we then be following European trends and cultures instead?

Personally, I feel that it would do the religion more good if we assimilated into the various cultures in this world. We do NOT have to look the same, think the same and be the same everywhere around the world. This goes back to the notion of individual freedome. Something which is dear to me, and something which has not been given much thought. I keep on thinking of what the religious teacher in school said. "There is no forcing in Islam" ("Tiada paksaan dalam Islam"). Such simple words, but unfortunately interpreted as "There is no forcing others to join Islam. BUT there is forcing muslims to heed to the teachings."

Who gave anyone the right to interpret it that way? I feel like floating away.