Sunday, May 21, 2006

The future is Today?

When it comes to the subject of love, there are more than ample amounts of people out there who profess to be all knowing about love. There are those who claim to have been there, done that, and have been into as many relationships, as there are water droplets in the ocean.

Knowing however, and experiencing, are never enough. For each and every person out there would have distinct differences, and to each and every couple, their own unique problems and issues. Sure, they may seem to have similar loose boundaries, but it is never altogether the same. Never. Ever.

What is definitely certain though, is that love brings us all to do crazy things. Love, when coupled with lust, is like fire creeping towards a tank of gasoline. Crazy concoction. My question today, is that can we live without love? Can we live without sparks and flames, without passion and feelings?

The main qualities of a successful marriage, is not love, as advocated by countless movies and serials, but hardwork, sacrifice, understanding, responsibility, reliability and working as a team. Each of these words, brings a sense of maturity. Each of these words, undermines and negates the concept of love. So, in choosing your partner, is it safe to say that first, you must look at maturity, then only to look at love? Not quite either.

Attraction, which is a small subset of love, is built upon the pretext of two people wanting to get to know one another better. It is impossible then, to find a partner able and willing to fulfill all those words, without first having attraction and love. What about match making? Match making overrides the concept of attraction, as a force of bringing two people together, but not as a force of keeping two people together.

Anyway, just incase anyone is wondering as to why dating is so different from marriage, well, the answer is in the above. That the qualities of maintaining a relationship are far far different from the qualities of maintaining a marriage. I feel then, that its better to prepare myself for marriage, then to market myself as a person to date. Hence probably the reason why I don't quite give a rats ass about dating anymore. If it comes, it comes. If it doesn't then, theres always life with all those words, but without anyone to share it with to look forward to. Women my age, look for a different type of guy from me, because they do not think past a couple of years. Hence getting stuck, and marriage to possibly the wrong type of guy, having to work doubly hard at marriage.

Who needs to think about the future right? Not when theres enough to think about in the present. Not when all there is to a relationship is feelings and love and lust and thinking nonstop about a person. No one shares as distinct a vision of the future and what it holds as I do. No one puts as much preparation in the present, for the future to come. No one neglects the present as I do. And its only because, every minute that comes by, is already bringing the future to the present. So, do we really need to be in love, when love is not quite needed in the future?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ten Things About Bangkok

Ten things I learned about Bangkok (in no particular order of importance):

1. You never really notice this, but there are really a lot more women then men. You do not see that many couples too. Maybe all the men are in monastaries fantasizing about zen.

2. The best way to see Bangkok is with an escort clinging to one arm and beer on the other.

3. Thai women are beautiful, but very very many are flat chested. You do find yourself however, staring at the korean/japanese tourists :P

4. Patphong is overrated.

5. Siam Paragon is a masterpiece. Interior designers for KL shopping malls, eat your heart out. You'd orgasm if you're into interior design.

6. Bangkok = Sin City. There is no limit. Thai girls are adventurous. Really adventurous.

7. Get yourself a Thai traditional massage. Its quite good. Or you can go for something more advanced.

8. You can fit 5 guys in a tuk tuk. If you've been in one, you'd understand.

9. The next time I go, I wanna bring RM5000. And stay in a luxury hotel. And hire an escort for 4 days (and the corresponding nights of course). Wonder if there are any out there who can speak really good english. As in american standard english.

10. We are definitely making another trip. See number 9. muahahha.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

3 Pieces of Paper.

3 pieces of paper from my trip to Thailand.

Disclaimer!: This was done in true curiosity form, and does not/will never in any way reflect my religious beliefs or disbeliefs.

1st piece: Chinese chinese chinese. Didn't understand a word of it. Gave it to two friends who could read chinese, and they both couldn't decipher its contents.

2nd piece: And I quote:
"Just like an unmated dove, life seems cheerless and sorrowful. No one pays attention. Suffer lonesome living in the forest. Good forture is not in sight. Lose favor with friends and relatives. Beyond this year, long happiness approaches. Legal case is not defensible. Wait for favorable circumstances before making decisions. Better not rush." - Commercial Translator - Wat Yai Chai Mongkol, Ayudhaya, Thailand.

3rd piece: And I quote (again):
"Just like a flower, blooming under the angry sun, but manages to look fresh. Like a little bird learning to fly in a strong wind, falls down to the ground. Life would be enjoyable in the future. Patient recovering. Not likely to find a good mate at this stage. Legal case not favorable. Some good lucks exist. Despite some hardships at present, would be better not too long. - Another Commercial Translator - Lucky Temple, Bangkok, Thailand.

Apparently, being philosophical involves animals and flowers in hardship. And oddly, even legal cases. Quite accurate I might add. Depressing stuff, really.

To those in the know, you'd know how I got those pieces of paper. To those who don't know, well, you're better off finding out how to get your own pieces of paper. Will blog about Thailand when I'm not to stoned.