Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Of Bulls and Pretense

Bullshit. The universal fuel of life. Burned on by a healthy additive dose of pretense. We all do it. We all encounter it. We all have to live with it. There are many instances in life that do not just aim to test you, but aim to wipe you out altogether. We put up our pretenses, and bullshit everyone into thinking everything is ok.
"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."
Actually, you can safely skip the brilliance part and go straight to the bullshit. Saves time, brain matter, and effort. So, in this world of lies and deceit, how does one pick apart the bullshit from the truth? It becomes especially difficult when the bullshitter is extremely good at what he or she does. Even more difficult when the bullshittee was born yesterday and is oblivious to how cruel the world can be. Or that the bullshittee is in love (same effect).
I've come to think of it as a simple assimilation. That something that starts out as factual truth will eventually morph its way into bullshitdome. And that the vice-versa seems to be in agreement with this little theory of mine too. Don't bother yourself with deciphering too much bullshit, and over time, it WILL turn out to be true. Either that, or you'd be too fucked and knackered (new word, new word) to even notice and care.
I've been known as a bullshitter all my life. At the present moment however, I've been stripped of my powers at the top of my perch. I am, as I've put it, a bullshittee now. God have mercy on my soul. (Pretend everything is ok. Pretend everything is ok.)
P.S. It's cold, I'm freezing, but I'm enjoying myself. Will keep you updated, as I've promised.

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