Sunday, July 02, 2006

Short Stories.

"Too many issues swirling in my mind. I've wondered if anyone else suffers from drowning in their own thoughts. Gulp gulp, drown."

It's barely a month left before I start a new life again. So many things to do, so many considerations to make. So many plans that I've made, that have to be brought forward and cramped into barely a month. It's overwhelming sometimes, how we have to somehow cope with change. How we have to adapt and move out of our comfort levels. It's always a painful experience, when moving out of one's shell, but we almost always end up better people. It's also funny how most people find it so difficult to move their own cheese, or find it so difficult to accept that someone has moved their cheese.

Changes abound mostly without notice. I think that's what makes it so difficult to accept. Most people want to be prepared for the worse. Some couldn't be bothered and take things as they come. This is yet another defining month in my life. How things go in the next month determines the outcome of at least another year in my life. So much hinges on what I can extract from this month.

I recently decided to check out some of the available designer skin solutions for men available out there. This after realizing of course, that I've got bad skin and need desperately to do something about it. My ultimate aim is of course, to turn my surface-of-mars-skin into something more akin to the texture of tofu. I want suppleness like those baby's butts in advertisements. *jentik jentik boing boing*. Impossible was the verdict, after some questions to the "consultants". Was really puzzled though, how some of them stare at me as though I'm gay. Really, what can be so wrong with taking care of your skin, your health and your appearance? I think women in general appreciate men who take care of themselves more, no? Learned that the hard way. It was difficult to accept when a girl tells you that she once considered me to be luckier to have her than she is lucky to have me. Felt like a charity case come to think of it. Doubt she feels the same way now though.

I mean, think about it. I doubt any girl will be ashamed to be seen with me, and judging from the many roaming female eyes that check me out, I'm worth a look. But if I put in a little more effort into myself, they'd be oogling and wagging their tongues. Not that they don't wag their tongues now anyway. Only drawback to this is that if I pamper my body with all the products out there, I'm wondering what will happen when I can no longer afford this stuff. Wondering how bad the withdrawal symptoms will be.

Pink shirts are next on the list. LOL.

I recently went hunting for toy guns with a good friend of mine. We actually went to Carrefour and he bought one of those RM7 toy guns. Wouldn't look out of place in the hands of a 7 year old kid. We somehow think it has something to do with his deprived childhood. More recently though, he complained of the shortcomings of the Made In China contraption. He has stated the need to upgrade to BB guns. At least he's grownup enough to realize that. I am having slight reservations though, mainly because crazy people are dangerous, and who knows what a crazy person with a BB gun can do. I really hope though, that he doesn't give away his calculator.

Decided that as part of starting a new life, a car is desperately required. So, went to look at the Myvi. I think I'm kinda set on getting one. Never really thought that I'd have to buy a car right now, but since my new life requires a car, there's nothing in particular I can do except oblige. Had to do some calculations as to what I can afford and I've come to a realization that it is no more a mystery how a majority of the population (70%) in Malaysia between the ages of 23-28 do not have any savings. I blame the poor sighted government for this. It has become pretty difficult trying to make ends meet. Now I know, now that I am going to be on my own. But what becomes of my metrosexual lifestyle? Oh no. Dreams shattered.

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