Sunday, March 04, 2007


Sensasi! If you havent seen it, click on the link. Credit to YouTube and the guy who posted it on YouTube. Jobless people do have a purpose in life afterall.

Now, this baffles me. Following the statement that actress made about older women marrying younger men, they've subsequently decided to ban her from any TV or radio programs for a year and to also ban the tv show responsible for airing her live. As with all things muslim and passionate, I simply think they've overreacted, AGAIN.

Oh, do I hear someone saying that she wasn't talking about just ANY old woman. Yeah, that's true, she happened to talk about Prophet Muhammad's wife. Then again, consider the following:
1. Seeing how the life expectancy of people of that time to be about what? 60 years for men, and ZERO for women (this is well documented from the many history text books of our time depicting Islam as the saviour of the barbaric female baby killing tribes of Arabia), I do not see how describing a 40 year old woman as "dah nak mampos" to be inaccurate, though crude it may seem.

2. Would we be just as rilled up if for instance, the actress was to talk about any other 40 year old woman and described her as "dah nak mampos"? In fact, we would have laughed our asses if she made fun of another actress who happened to be doing the same thing. Hence, in Islam, and in equality, which is a strong point of Islam, why do we treat the cases seperately?

3. Respect by way of association. We respect the Prophet's wife, because of that. She was the prophet's first wife. I am sure as hell that she was a nice lady, strong, honorable, yada yada and all, but seriously, I don't know how she is in real life. There are almost no accounts of a terrible version of her, something to tip the scales in the other direction. So, by way of brainwashing, we have been forced to respect her, because of her association to the Prophet. Fine. But does this mean that I have to respect a certain son-in-law of Pak Lah justttt because he married into PakLah's family, and is therefore, to be respected based on association? In the same manner, if your father was the ex-PM of this country, does that mean I am supposed to respect you a little more than the average joe out there? COME ON PEOPLE!

See what I mean by getting riled up for no apparent reason? We are supposed to be concentrating on getting the people together and united, and yet, here we are, finding time to ban an actress and fuck her up just because she slandered a woman who has been dead for 1400 years. In the midst of our passion and faith in any religion, we have still got a responsibility to critically and constructively analyze all situations, as accurately as we can. It is extremely easy to be angry at someone or something. The difficult part is understanding why the other person acted that way. Same goes for that bunch of cartoons about the Prophet.

When, if ever, will muslims learn that this world is changing? Does anyone truly want to continue living in a time warp?


m said...
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m said...
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mala said...

ni mala laaaa. i posted one comment tuh and terdelete it.

anyway i thought she didn't mean it in a bad way. i just thought it was an unnecessary remark. whoever that person pon, "dah nak mampos" is just unkind. nobody really deserves such "statement".

that's all.

Anonymous said...

hey there,

great post. To meet a person who bides by logic as opposed to the usual religion-blinded fanatic who doesn't want to step back, see the bigger picture.
To earn people's respect you've got to respect them first - and that includes their views.