Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Introduction Correlation

I had made a promise never to blog. Blogging leaves evidence of my infidelities, my darkside, my weakness and my will to verbally defacate (I am a very disgusting person) on all those whom I so despise. About 2 months ago, things took for the worse. I now frequently constipate on words, straining myself for words to both come out right, and come out at the proper time. It was then that I had decided to blog, as a means of practicing my verbal skills.
As a ruling (I love setting rules for myself) I have decided that typing blogs will be as fluid as possible, and I will rule out the use of dictionaries, and spellchecks. So, to those of you who find my english erratic, and my spelling attrocious, FUCK YOU. To those who understand me for what I am and how I tend to think, a big gracious thank you is waiting. Apart from that big bold "fuck you", I shall attempt to minimize the use of vulgarities. I don't believe in fucking everything in sight, and would much rather use proper colorful language as my means of hoisting a 6-tonne girder up anyones sorry behind.
So this is it, my first official blog, the one that would define history in the future, and my future today. Pardon the borrowed layout, for I am merely a pawn in the website programming world. Wait for my knighthood and a layout that suits me more.

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