Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rage Passage

A young mother of 2 should never lose the companionship/security that a husband brings. A young mother, come to think of it, should never have stopped being a mother to her husband. There have been many instances where a wife, beside her husband in a car, has stopped his ego from flaring. How she would have wished then, that she was beside him. Her presense would have certainly calmed things down, and even reminded her husband of his responsibilities.
Reminding husbands of responsibilities. The act of road rage is never something that should be condoned, for any reason. I am not going to dwell on what exactly happened and what should be done to save our culture from degradation, maintaining world peace and neverending love for one another. Hell, I won't even mention ways on bringing those who murdered the husband to justice.
Agreed, murder is a crime, and no matter the circumstances, should be punished accordingly. However, has anyone wondered why is it that this guy had to die in the first place. Now, I haven't exactly been murdered before, but fights, between grown men, more often than not are due to flared egos. One side taunts the other, and being true to Newtons 3rd law (that any action results in an equal and opposite reaction) a bust up often occurs.
So, why did the husband step out of the car, knowing that he's outnumbered? Why did he bring his stearing lock with him (assuming it was his stearing lock, and if not, refer to question 1)? Why did he retaliate so much to taunts? Why did he do whatever it was he did that incensed the other party so much, enough to batter him with his stearing lock? Why did he call his friend to tell him that he was going to die, why not his family, his wife, his parents, the cops? Why did the press make it look like this guy was an angel sent to us from god, nurtured under the loving armpits of a caring mother to develop into a kind compassionate human being, spreading love and joy to all that he touches?
Rationale often eludes us when we are in rage. It eludes us even more when we are in a fight. It eludes us most when we are dead. Going back to my questions, and staring at his photo published on the front page of the major local newspapers, I cannot help but think that he somehow deserved to die. Sure the bigger picture of his widow holding her two young children, who look unaware that their father has been murdered, does bring me some sympathy. But truly, under the circumstances that they were in, I wouldn't have bothered consulting the devil before bludgeoning him to death.
I say that this is then a case of a road rager dying from road rage. That first thoughts of exhibiting his anger at his "assailants" were met with more than a little bit of resistance. Ask his wife how many times she had to intervene and remind him of his responsibilities, and I will guarentee you that there have been many a time when she had to. So, instead of feeling sorry for this guy, I say that he then got what he deserved. Road rager killed by an act of road rage. That is the way to go. And if, for some weird reason and defying all laws of logic and perception, he is indeed a kind angel sent to us from god to spread love and goodwill among mankind that was unfortunately murdered brutally by 2 men, then let it then be the case that God just wants his angel back. May his soul rest in peace, or pieces.

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