Monday, January 31, 2005

KingKong Wrong

I couldn't have been more wrong. Write them off, and they come storming back with something brilliant. I told myself that no one will do anything regarding the Minister's comments on JAWI. A few days ago, the Cabinet had decided that moral issues should be left to families and that the police should concentrate on solving crime.

So, it pained me that yesterday, another minister, whom I don't particularly like had diverted from the main issue by concentrating on how they were carrying out their "duties" instead of the "duty" inself. She does have a point in that more female officers should be included in raids. But what raids? I thought that the government was firm in that moral policing in this country is not needed. Baffling.

Today, more JAWI bashing appeared in the local papers. The NST (my mother's favourite paper and therefore I'm forced to read it although I much prefer The Star) ran an editorial condemning the officers not only for their actions, but for being mandated with the power to carry out such raids. Yay Malaysia, people are finally coming to their senses.

I am a believer that only we are accountable for our actions and that we answer to no one but ourselves and the Big Boss Above. Pandai buat, pandailah tanggung! Betul tak? If I so chose to drink alcohol and party till my head turns green, then so be it. If I chose to dress in 1980's leotards and a bikini top and mix around freely with boys then so be it (no, I don't intend to make people blind, and certainly, I mix in only a very healthy legal way with boys). I don't need a bunch of strangers telling me what I can or cannot do, or what I'm supposed or am not supposed to do.

These incidences are exactly the reason why Islam is viewed in such bad light. This is also the same reason why Malaysia is less favourable as a tourist destination. We have a stupid culture of tending to other peoples clothes (Jaga Tepi Kain Orang). We live in a progressive society, where we are responsible and accountable for our actions. Moral degradation, as they call it, is a very relative term. I believe then, in all of Utopia that I stand for, that for as long as we are good human beings, who do the right things at the right times, we are OK. Do the right thing. That is what matters most.

After all this, I've still got my reservations. We have still not heard from the conservatives yet. We haven't even heard from JAWI. Too dumb to defend themselves? Or just guilty as hell?Wonder what they're up to. Hope they're not planning another raid on some other poor nightclub. In the mean time, I'm hoping to start a cultural and religious revolution that is certain to bring about the end of the world in the eyes of clerics. Who is with me? Hands UP people!

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