Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Can Predict The Future. I can.

The greatest gift a human being could have, is the gift of foresight. The gift of being able to predict, not just with accuracy, but to predict far enough into the future to make a difference. Foresight comes not just from assembling the jigsaw puzzle that make up the events of life, but also through accurately analyzing human behavior.

Sure, there could be a million different reasons and aspects that make events in our lives. However, its the way one reacts to those events that make the difference. Really, if I could choose again what I would like to do in university that would make me no money what so ever, its got to be anthropology or to be more specific, cultural anthropology.

I enjoy observing people. I enjoy behavior differences. I enjoy picking out the little things that are so distinct in everyone it becomes a trademark. Most importantly, i enjoy spotting small, discreet body language that tell loads about a person. In doing so as well, without realizing it, I end up giving out very clear signals myself. This is probably due to the fact that I know some people are daft, and that they need clearer signs. It's true.

Somewhere in reading a person, I admit that I do get carried away. Most of the time, I read too much into a persons actions that as a consequence, I end up daydreaming very elaborate and complicated results of those actions. Most of the time, they don't come true. Sometimes, very rarely, they do.

Yesterday, while being preoccupied with the thoughts of an upcoming event, I envisioned, for a brief moment that the event wouldn't happen due to a very specific reason. Today, had passed, and I thought right. Scary how my mind comes up with little warnings about the future. Funny though, how I end up thinking the whole day as to why it didn't happen, why didn't it happen because of that reason, and what is the consequence of the event not happening. Lastly, tiring how my mind keeps thinking of what to do next, and whether I am reading the situation correctly.

I hate being right when I think about bad things happening. But that's how I operate. I think of the worse case scenario and take precautions. When nothing goes wrong, I start thinking that something will go wrong. I'm such a pessimist. But at least I am prepared for the worst. Not quite sure if I'm prepared for the best though. Haven't felt that for a longg time.

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