Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Vision

As I sit here listening to "Girls Aloud" (I realize how stupid that sounds, but imagining 5 hot girls prancing around is reason enough to like their brand of bubblegum pop), I can't help but think of what to write. I guess it takes quite a bit to write about politics and policies, and in the current state of health that I'm in, that's the last thing I'm getting my blood boiling over for.

So, after much thought, I've decided to write about the future. We all have to ask ourselves what we're doing in this world, and what purpose do we carry, gracing this earth? I'm pretty sure that personal happiness is in everyone's minds, and I'm damn sure that most people can't think much further than monetary needs, but there must be an ultimate reason as to why you and I are even breathing air right now. There is of course, a reason why most people can't think further than monetary needs, and thats because most people find it that much more difficult nowadays to make ends meet. Brilliantly, some bloke put it in the following words:

"Just as we are learning to make ends meet, they move the ends." Government's fault, this one.

But I'm digressing. The point that I'm trying to make is that we all have to have a vision for ourselves, and in the bigger sense, our environment that we live in. And in achieving that vision or dream, we have to think of what we would want to do, and how we are going to achieve that dream. Question is, in the kind of life that we are living now, what's yours?

Somewhere in the future, I want to be a teacher. No, not because I have to (to make ends meet) but because I want to. We all know of the graduation of thinking, where you graduate in thinking as you move from Kindergarden, to Primary school, to secondary school, to college, to work. Most critical of these graduations are the early years of secondary school, or the early years of college/late years of secondary school. So theres my target. To influence and shape the minds of these young adults. I'm just about tired of complaining about Malaysian mentality, and the dumb government. Thats my plan. Influence them from young, even if its only a bunch of students of the 500,000 that graduate from secondary school every year. Even if its only one school of the thousands in Malaysia.

I'd like to die not just happily, but to die with a sense of accomplishment. Knowing that I've actually done something for the country and the community that I live in. Its not just about your own wellbeing and happiness, but about how your community is keeping up with life. Life is not just about you afterall isn't it? You're probably wondering how the words above could come from someone who likes "Girls Aloud" just because theyre hot. Well, there's your first lesson.

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