Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PDAs (no, not the electronic handheld device)

Dear Nazri (don't deserve to be called Dato' since you're a fucking moron),

Why are you the only minister to come up with dumb comments all the time (Kelantan's Chief Minister doesn't count.)? Who are you to tell me what I deem to be morally acceptable? Are you going to be forever delusional, living in your little world of what is orientally right and wrong? Remember the last time you made some dumb comments about the family bill that was tabled in parliament? What kind of a statement were you trying to make when you said "Just pass the bill, we will amend it later"? Wonder which ass you licked to make minister? Moron. Now that you left the fucking CVLB in the dumps, you'd wanna move on to destroying another portfolio? Asshole. Thanking God my MP is not as titanically moronic as this you.

Back to the gist of it all. In the obviously expanding, developing society that we live in, different people are entitled to different views on just about anything out there. The essence of democracy, as I have been made to understand, is all about choices. The freedom to not only be able to have different thoughts, but also to be able to freely exercise those thoughts. Though I may be an obvious proponent of the PDA, I am definitely aware that not everyone out there is able to stomach full out and out PDA.

There are, I admit, many out there, not just the old prudes (here I go being judgemental), but young people like you and me, who think that displays of affection should be left to the privacy of the house. But really, are we getting to the bottom of this problem, or are we merely drafting more stupid laws and bylaws, just in the name of upholding what is supposedly right in religion and morality?

"Culprits" of PDA are mainly young couples. Couples with no place to go, except shopping malls and parks. Couples who, obviously, do not have the privacy of a house to conduct their little experiments in affection. Really, the only obvious solution, is to be "affectionate" when they are together. Plus, this is much cheaper than renting a hotel room. Less costly as well, if you're a muslim and do not want to get caught by 4 perverts working for the religious department. So, do you blame them for being affectionate in public?

Then theres the law itself. Obviously, displays of affection are very subjective. What I would deem as acceptable is obviously different than that of that moronic minister of ours. Something obviously as subjective as this, is therefore open and subject to abuse by those wielding the power to exercise those laws. If at all, there should be a law, (in the name of whatever), there should be strict, and very specific guidelines. For instance, if I were to give a peck on the cheek to my mother in public, would I be liable to the same law as a couple frenching? If I were to hug my wife in public (purely hypothetical since I'm not married yet), would I be liable to the same fine as if I were to heavily pet her? See the point?

Obviously a balance has to be struck somewhere in between. If the conservatives were to have their way, there would be no contact whatsoever. If I were to have my way, I'd stare, but I'd definitely tolerate even sex in public. But really, we have to look at the objectives we are trying to achieve, before subjecting the public to further duress. We must ask ourselves, as sensible, morally upright adults, of what is truly acceptable not only to us, but our children as well. We must teach our children on the differences between maliscious/sleazy gestures, and true loving gestures. I don't know about the rest of the population, but I cannot help but smile when I see a loving old couple, still in each others arms, with the husband giving his wife a peck in the cheek. I've seen it many times here, just as I've witnessed sex in the bushes and in back alleys.

You don't have to believe in it, but to accept it and come to terms with it. If its the children you are worried about, isn't it your duty not to censor, but to teach the difference between right and wrong, about love and lust, and about being smart and being an absolute moron?

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